Engagement Rings: What Does Your Fiancee Need?

Published: 07th January 2010
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Buying a good engagment ring is not easy. You have to be aware that you could end up buying an engagement ring that your fiancee does not like. And that you don't want, do you! So before you think about popping the question...here are a few things you can do to make sure that you choose the right engagement ring for your beloved.

Pay attention to what she wants: Before you actually pop the question, make sure that you take a look at what she is wearing right now. A few women don't really like wearing gaudy baubles on their fingers. Even if you can afford a hefty diamond, your lady may just prefer a discreet ruby or an emerald. As a result, find out what she likes before you actually purchase anything. The best way to do this is by taking a look at what she is wearing right now.

Find out what metal she likes: Some women dislike the sheen of gold and would prefer to have white gold or even platinum as the base of their ring. Please remember that white gold or platinum can be really expensive, but it can look really elegant on any hand. Women always show off an engagement ring to their families and friends, and a white gold engagement ring or a platinum engagement ring lets everyone know that you really care for your fiancee.

Does she hint at the type of engagement ring that she would like? Most women do. Does she point out lovely engagement ring designs when you pass through a jewelry store? Please pay attention when that happens! Most women would love to show you what they want, but they want to be surprised as well! Get exactly the engagement ring she wants and watch her smile.

Look at her fingers: Are they short and wide, or are her fingers long and slender? No offense intended, but sometimes, an engagement ring just doesn't suit hands that are short and wide. Note how her present rings are designed, whether they suit her or not, and then ask the jeweler for help as that person's expertise can guide you on the best choice based on finger size and shape. Settings are also really important. A delicate engagement ring with small stones is really lost on a large hand, while an elongated diamond can make short fingers look sleek. Wide bands, on the other hand, can make shorter fingers look really stubby and probably should be avoided.

Consider her job: Is she a doctor or does she place her hands in water for a major part of the day? Any profession that requires a lot of work with the hands or where fussy jewelry is taboo should be considered before you buy an engagement ring. If she has to wear gloves, then you should forget about getting her a delicate engagement ring that can poke through the gloves. Delicate filigree engagement rings are also difficult to keep clean in sterile settings. Dentists should not wear gold, as they use mercury to make mercury- based silver amalgam fillings. Your expensive gold engagement ring will turn into a funky green alloy if it comes in contact with mercury and lose all its value!

If you can catch the exact engagement ring that she has pointed out or repeatedly looked at and covets, then you are one lucky man! Just go ahead and get it or finance it and watch your fiancee smile when you present her with her dream engagement ring.

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