Faith and Healing: Is there a relationship Between the Two?

Published: 07th January 2010
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The healing that occurs supernaturally, not as a result of medicine but as a result of prayer and believing, reflects a connection between faith and healing because of the involvement of faith in order to be healed. Faith healing can be defined as a miracle, because there is no medicine involved, which makes it a bit hard to explain what actually happens. Although the term has a stronger link with Christianity, other beliefs and religions also rely upon a connection between faith and healing to help their adherents. A belief in faith and healing is also central to a healing technique known as reiki, new age, occult, etc.

The relationship between faith and healing is most often relied upon by people who are involved in the occult, Christians who have a better understanding of the Bible in terms of the teachings on the subject about faith and healing, charismatic preachers who are widely found throughout the world, and people who tend to contradict the scriptures and misinterpret them by saying that it is against the virtues of the Bible to seek medical help.

This is not to say that there is no faith healing; based on the Bible teachings among the Christians, faith healing is a legitimate practice and belief. What puts people at the risk of injury and even death is the illegitimate approach to the relationship of faith and healing as discussed earlier. Although faith healing does take place today, there is some level of spiritual abuse in some churches as they try to bring out the concepts of faith and healing as they were used in the early Christian church.

Many cults that operate under the umbrella of Christianity have an unbiblical approach towards faith and healing, which ranges from aberrant to heretical. An example of a church that believes in faith healing to the extent that the followers avoid blood transfusion, even when a patient is in danger, is the Jehovah's Witnesses. Genuine or legitimate Christian churches do not regard receiving medical care or using drugs as indicators of having insufficient faith, of being a non-believer or sinning against God.

Medicines are also regarded as working hand in hand with faith and healing. Much research has been done and a lot of money spent trying to connect the link between spirituality and good health. Out of this research, researchers have come to agree that there is a strong link between the spirit, the mind and the body. In other words, they have found that faith and healing do really connect. The research also revealed that meditation and prayer can actually make some people feel better.

Meditation and prayer, which result in faith and healing, have been found to not only improve the chances of an individual not being depressed but also improve the immune system, which makes it harder for the body to contract chronic inflammations. Yoga is a good example of meditation that connects faith and healing using exercise and believing. For a better understanding of the relationship between faith and healing, you can refer to religious books such as the Holy Bible, the Holy Quran and the Holy Bhagavad Gita.

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